Infrastructure Security

The corporate IT-infrastructure (network, servers, Active Directory, PKI etc.) is the basis on which the business supporting functions relies. The experts of Omegapoint can audit the design, security and reliability of the infrastructure and recommend and implement improvements. We have internationally renowned experts who are published authors in this field and are members of ISO (drafting the latest 27000-series) who live and breathe infrastructure security.

"Smart cards are a strong protection against identity theft; they get rid of passwords and simplify log-on. Your users will love you, the bad guys, not so much," said Marcus Hartwig, founding partner.

Smart Card Logon

Make sure your logons are up to date! System logon using smart cards is the de facto standard in the corporate environment, and it is Microsoft best practice. Securing the logon to your systems guarantees that all your users have access to all the features they need to be at their maximum productivity. Omegapoint has years of experience in setting up the perfect smart card system using market-leading technology. Omegapoint is currently offering a packaged deal together with Versatile Security. Click here for more details.

Secure Remote Workplace

Omegapoint is an expert on providing secure remote access. Omegapoint has delivered systems using VPNs, terminal server technology, OTP tokens, smart cards, secure cloud services and firewalls from all the market leading providers and knows exactly what fits your organization best.

Corporate Badge

Most organizations have separate control methods for physical access (doors), logical access (system logon), remote logical access (VPN) and visual identification. Omegapoint helps clients use a single corporate badge for all these purposes, and much more, like 'follow me printing'.