Federated User Identities

In today’s environment, users are expecting to surf the Internet and constantly get a personalized experience, how is this accomplished? Using security technologies like SAML and OAuth users’ identities can be federated across domains and only the required information shared with the appropriate content provider.

"Trust is good, control is better. Let us help you secure your IT environment today," said Marcus Hartwig, founding partner.

Banking and Online Security

Omegapoint was founded in Sweden. Swedish banks and government agencies were early adopters of two factor authentication for online activities and Omegapoint has been the preferred integration partner from day one. Does your organization need to provide a secure online system? -If so, benefit from our vast expertise and experience.

Best Practice Certificate Authority

A majority of your systems are now dependent on your certificate authority (CA). The CA is the point that all other systems are dependent on to ensure that trust and security is maintained. When was the last time you validated that this business crucial service was secure and configured correctly? Omegapoint offers a CA health check service and can assist you in getting the appropriate security level.